World Cup: Soccer and Politics in Colombia

by Teo Ballvé

KPFK, Radio Interview, Jun 20, 2014

After Colombia's 2-1 victory over the Ivory Coast, I spoke with Meleiza Figueroa producer of KPFK's "The People's Game," a show about politics and society during the 2014 World Cup. We discussed Colombia's history in the World Cup, its current winning streak, and how soccer in the country has crossed paths with the drug trade, the armed conflict, and today's political conjuncture.

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    TyT, TV Interview, Nov 17, 2016

    My interview with Dave Koller of TYT about the Colombian armed conflict, its origins, and current attempts to bring it to an end.

  • Drugs, Land, and Political Violence in Colombia

    SSRC, Podcast, May 20, 2014

    This podcast produced by the Social Science Research Council's Drugs, Security, and Democracy (DSD) program features Winifred Tate and myself talking about our research projects on paramilitaries, land conflicts, and drug trafficking in Colombia.?

  • Algún Día Será Ma?ana

    Edwin Torres, Audio Clip, Nov 12, 2013

    La semana pasada El Tiempo publicó un artículo sobre los vallenatos que se cantan en Las Pavas, una comunidad de 123 familias en el sur de Bolívar. Las canciones narran la historia del conflicto y desplazamiento en ese lugar. Conocí a Edwin Torres, un cantante de Las Pavas, en el 2010 y le grabé esta canción. [English translation included.]

  • Mass Protests Rock Colombia

    KPFA, Radio Interview, Aug 30, 2013

    As mass protests in Colombia entered into their tenth day yesterday, I was interviewed by KPFA about the mobilizations that continue spreading throughout the country. Negotiations between the government and protest leaders continue. What began as a strike by peasants and agrarian workers now also includes organized labor groups, students, and other civil society groups.

  • Territories of Life and Death on a Colombian Frontier

    Antipode, Video Abstract, Sep 12, 2012

    A brief video produced for?Antipode, the geography journal that gave me their annual graduate student scholarship award. It's an interview about my dissertation research project.